Jewellery Repairs

Trim Jewellers offers a reliable and quality jewellery repair service, provided by our instore jewellery maker and goldsmith. This on-site service is rare and provides customers with competitive pricing, jewellery care advice and a fast turnaround on their repair. Whether you need ring claws repaired, bracelet clasps replaced or a necklace mended, Trim Jewellers can repair the jewellery you love, even your costume jewellery!

Types of jewellery repairs

Trim Jewellers offers a number of repair services including:

Sizing: it is not uncommon for fingers to change size over time and for your beloved rings to feel quite firm. Whether your ring feels too large or too small, or you want to wear it on another finger, we can re-size your ring with our repair service. Our in-store jeweller will consider the scope of the re-sizing, the ring thickness, the metal type and anything else that may need adjusting.

Claws: if your jewellery has gems or diamonds, these can become loose over time, so it is important they are regularly checked. Our in store jeweller will ensure your precious stones are secured with precision.

Soldering: All jewellery is prone to damage over time. Our in store jeweller can repair necklaces that have snapped, rings that have fractured and even earrings that have fragmented.
Shanks: A ring’s shank, the bottom of the ring that lies underneath your fingers, is the most hardworking component of your ring and can be worn down over time. Our in store jewellery maker and goldsmith can repair thin, misshapen shanks and return them to as-new condition.

Preventative Maintenance

Jewellery is subject to wear and tear and regular inspections will help keep your precious pieces in fine shape. Our instore jewellery maker and goldsmith will inspect your stones and settings to ensure they are strong and secure, and monitor the links in chains and bracelets which may weaken over time. Regular preventative maintenance, alongside polishing and cleaning, can help to protect and extend the life of your jewellery and maintain an as-new appearance.

Call us now or drop in to our store on Market Street Trim with your jewellery repair for honest advice and a quality repair service.