Claddagh Birthstones Earrings

The legend of the Claddagh ring can be traced to a Galway man named Richard Joyce in the 1600’s. According to legend, not long before he was due to marry, Richard was captured by pirates at sea and then sold into slavery in Algeria. He was sold to a rich Moorish goldsmith, who taught him the ancient craft. Richard became fully proficient in goldsmithing and crafted the first Claddagh ring, with the heart symbolising love, the hands symbolising friendship, and the crown representing loyalty and fidelity.

According to the legend, Joyce became a free man in 1689. He returned to Galway and found the love of his life awaiting his return. He presented her with his original Claddagh ring and they married. Following this, the Claddagh design gained popularity and has since been passed down through the generations.

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