Polishing & Cleaning

Trim Jewellers offers a superior jewellery polishing and cleaning service by a qualified goldsmith. As one of the few in store polishing and cleaning services outside Dublin, Trim Jewellers offers a fast turnaround and quality jewellery care advice. You can trust us to polish and clean your jewellery with the utmost care – in fact, plenty of other jewellery stores without an in store service rely on us to do just that!

We understand the sentimental value of your jewellery and take great care with each individual piece. Prior to every polish and clean, we closely inspect any stones, settings and claws. If we identifies an issue, we will inform you and repair it to make sure your jewellery remains in top condition.

Following an inspection and any necessary repairs, we will commence a detailed polish that removes scratches and marks and restores your piece’s original shine. To finish, we use a state-of-the-art ultrasonic machine that removes any polish and dirt that has collected in the setting. The machine uses vibrations in water, gently and effectively removing grime while protecting the integrity of your piece.

White gold polishing and cleaning

White gold is a popular option for engagement and wedding bands but when compared to yellow gold items, it needs extra attention. At Trim Jewellers, we will commence with an initial check of the claws, setting and stone, followed by a thorough polish, cleaning with the ultrasonic machine and finished with rhodium plating. This ensures your white gold ring gleams as brilliantly as the first day you wore it – while you pay only a fraction of the price for the service that you would pay elsewhere.

The importance of polishing and cleaning

We recommend you have your jewellery polished and cleaned once every six months to 12 months, depending on use. By polishing and cleaning your jewellery regularly, you will not only enjoy a bright, shiny piece but protect it from damage through our inspection process.

In between professional polishing and cleaning, you can care for your jewellery by gently washing it and by storing your pieces in a jewellery box or pouch when not in use. Remember to avoid abrasive surfaces, to remove your jewellery before swimming and bathing and to limit contact with make-up, creams and lotions.

To find out more about our polishing and cleaning service, give us a call in store for professional advice.